What is More Dangerous: Cigarettes or Marijuana?

While the chronic habit of excessive smoking of tobacco and marijuana is both referred to as harmful, some study shows that marijuana is less dangerous than cigarettes. Although the use of marijuana is not as legal as cigarettes, confirmations have shown that the former is less damaging to public health than the latter.


Cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals that can cause cancer. One of these chemicals is the nicotine which is the main substance that causes addiction to smokers. Nicotine also hardens the arteries leading to serious heart diseases. Marijuana, on the other hand does not contain nicotine but a substance called THC which helps in relaxing the lungs and improving its function ability. While cigarettes are known to cause infection to the lungs, heart, gums and teeth, marijuana is proven to be anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant drugs. Cigarettes are known to promote tremendous damages to lung and can cause respiratory damages, lung cancer and other chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Cigarettes are known to cause not only cancer of the lungs but also cancers of the breasts, throat, mouth, skin and stomach while marijuana is known to stop the spread of cancer cells.

Both smoking marijuana and smoking cigarettes are considered vices that is detrimental not only to the health but to general life of the smoker as well. While cigarettes are grimaced for its adverse effects on the health of the primary smokers and all the involuntary smokers around him, the use of marijuana is also glared upon because marijuana users are expected to become menaces of the society as a result of the weed addiction.

Smoking cigarettes consistently develops the risk of lung cancer and other lung diseases. It can also increase the dangers of emphysema, heart disease and high blood pressure. On the contrary, marijuana also aids in increasing the risk of heart attacks.


Heated arguments between the dangers of marijuana and cigarettes are still widespread among experts and patrons. Each has his own claims and evidences over which is less harmful than the other. However, the bottom line still remains that smoking, whether of cigarettes or marijuana can bring dangers to the body.