Selling your soul

I have a moral streak don’t ask me where I got it from probably a legacy of being dumped at Sunday school and lathered with Christian values. My family made the occasional guest appearance at church mainly Xmas and I had enough hell and brimstone at home so wasn’t too excited about having it come at me from the pulpit. Yet something stuck. Something resonated with me enough that it nudged me in the back whenever a decision of conscious was required.

More and more though I am asked is looking after your needs selling your soul or good business practice? When do you draw a line and go no matter what rewards lie on the other side my conscious tells me this is the greater path. Me I am the all time feel guilty personality type. If I am undercharged by a store clerk I will point it out if I see money lying on the ground I will find it’s owner no moral high ground involved here I simply could not live with the guilt attached. Maybe I have empathy consciousness and know the $20 note on the ground could be the difference between eating and not eating for someone. Or the till that doesn’t balance at the end of the day could mean the difference between someone keeping their job or being fired. I am always a step ahead.


We can always justify any behavior with a little ego talk “Oh if I don’t pick that $20 note up and keep it someone else will so It might as well be me’ or “These shops rob you blind all the time with their prices I am just getting what they owe me back.” Nice try!

Yet what if the $20 you found or were under charged was the difference between you eating or not eating? It would not be so easy to stand on high moral ground then. I am not sure what I would do in all honesty if my children’s welfare was at stake or I was struggling to survive. Until you walk that road you cannot know what direction you would take. Sure you could preach about how you are above all the sins of the common man but in reality unless you have been there you cannot say for certain what you would do.

As a society we live by the mighty dollar eat breathe sleep with the idea money is the eternal salvation. There is a hierachy of needs but it doesn’t consist of shelter,food,air and water. More than likely ipod,blackberry,holidays and 2 car garages. So where do you draw the line and when do you step over it to sell your soul?

For me it is the little voice I hear going ‘You know what you need to do” and no it is not Donald Trump nor is it Oprah. I know instantly when I have crossed a line because I start to feel uncomfortable. I could go all New Agey here but it is that simple when you start to feel uncomfortable in your own skin maybe your body is trying to tell you something.


For me it is not the same as feeling guilt or shame those are people judgments a lathering of thou shall not’s left overs from a by gone era. Being comfortable is not about anyone else’s opinion of you or your actions nor is it complying to unwritten rules. You have the capacity to know instantly if you are honoring your own beliefs and the path you walk. Think of it this way the soul voice is the angel sitting on your left shoulder the ego the voice sitting on your right shouler. Ego will always have an argument why you should do things and will be able to justify any action. The soul voice is quiet, gentle it allows you to see further than the moment beyond the instant gratification of needs.

So maybe selling your soul is not the issue but stepping over it to get to your ego might be. Something to ponder….